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Essence Of A Woman Of Faith

The door opens, a woman gracefully passes through, tiny smile curls her lips. She enters the room, walking tall, moves purposefully, with a quiet confidence, The men immediately notice, caution to approach, she must be spoken for She takes a … Continue reading

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Healing Faith

The year is 2001; it is 3:00 am on a Tuesday morning in the ICU unit. The CT scan of my chest, completed. Fear gripped me tighter than the pain that racked my rib cage with each inhaled breath. The … Continue reading

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Open Mic (The Battle For The World)

Lucifer takes the mic: From the beginning of time I made them mine, So easy to deceive, Promises of knowledge, insight into the secrets of Big G, Foolish, like taking candy from a baby, so easy; wasn’t it Eve? I … Continue reading

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A Letter To Momma

Dear Momma,   I never knew you although you were always there in our home. Our relationship was a tug of war. Growing up, in my eyes, you appeared detached, harsh, unfair, highly critical and never allowed me a voice. … Continue reading

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Through Faith, I See Jesus

Who is Jesus? People have asked this question throughout the ages. As I mediated on what my answer would be, I found myself reflecting on Jesus’ time here on earth. I examined the Gospels and the perspectives of those whom … Continue reading

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Chaotic Faith

Bright skies and warm temperatures drew the people to the park. It was a delicious day to be outdoors. Local merchants selling various items lined the park’s parameters. Within 10 minutes of arriving, Rachel noticed the park was full. Nearby … Continue reading

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Toiling Faith

When I think about from whom my blessing flow, I mediate on how God works in my life. I liken my faith journey as a work in process. Growing up in Brooklyn, New York; my mother had a garden out … Continue reading

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